The following people volunteered with the JHSLM during the 2017-18 year. We sincerely thank all of our volunteers for their invaluable commitment to our organization!

Amanda Ollson

Ashley Mehmi

Bella Sebastien-Neufeld

Boa Lei

Carrie Siggins

Cassandra Friedenstab

Chay Usison

Cicilia Zhang

Courtney Fyfe

Donna Wiebe

Edith MacIver

Firat Gunay

Holly Day

Julie Oh

Leah Burnell

Lex Poulos

Martin Allum

Matthew Boyd

Michael Dumanowski

Paige Wang

Sabreena Suri

Savneet Dhami

Vincent Ho

Kenneth Ngai (CRA)

Lorna Brown (CRA)

Ashley Sehmer (CRA)

*Please note that this list does not include our volunteer Board Members, or the wonderful volunteer speakers with our Choices and Consequences Program


The following students completed a practicum placement with the JHSLM in the 2017-18 year. We thank them for giving their time and talents to our organization and the people we serve!

Cashel Satchwell

Christie Tsang

Jenna Hunt

Melissa Clifford

Natalya Falkingham

Ravin Aulak

Tamaki Kano

Taylor Crevier

Alison Ashworth (UBC Dental)

Crystal Au (UBC Dental)

Heather Bates (UBC Dental)

Howard Chang  (UBC Dental)

Iris Chu (UBC Dental)

Jessie Cho (UBC Dental)

Kayley Sewak (UBC Dental)

Kirsten Green (UBC Dental)