Reintegration Program

Working in collaboration with Correctional Services of Canada staff, our Reintegration Program provides support to federally incarcerated individuals who are nearing their release in order to ensure that they have access to the services that they need prior to and after reintegrating into the community. The JHS reintegration worker assists with pre-release planning and building networks of support which promote safety and success for individuals in the community.

Our Reintegration Program received and responded to 2860 requests for support from incarcerated men last year alone. The kinds of assistance requested varies depending on the individual, but include requests for support understanding and accessing correctional institution information, obtaining identification, employment, housing, health, and community programs available upon release.

Dad Hero

Dad HERO (Helping Everyone Realize Opportunities) provides support for fathers in correctional institutions with the goal of supporting them to understand their value as fathers by educating them about parenting, child development, parent-child bonds, and how they can still be good dads while in a correctional institution.

In the first few months of the program last year, we delivered the Dad HERO program to 17 fathers incarcerated in federal correctional institutions. Upon reintegration into the community, fathers have access to a community support group to further support their familial role.

We were excited about the opportunity to participate in the delivery of this nationwide pilot project, and would like to thank the Canadian Families and Corrections Network for offering us this opportunity as well as the Movember. Foundation for their support.

Artist in Residence

The Artist in Residence program is an inclusive, person-centered initiative that uses the process of making art as a powerful tool for self-expression, joy, and connectivity.

Over the past eight months our Resident Artist, Johnny D. Trinh, an interdisciplinary and spoken word poet, has created a variety of accessible arts-based experiences that strive to offer alternative forms of expression.

Through a series of 18 workshops, 177 participants have engaged in the Artist in Residence program from January to June, 2019.

Programing looks different from week to week, and has included terrarium making, jam sessions featuring Vancouver-based musicians, and pyrography.

“Through the Artist in Residence program, participants are able to come and play without any expectations or finished product, though each activity can produce a finished product. It affords them the opportunity to foster relationships, gives them more reason to make the JHS’s Community Services Office a place of comfort and connection.”

Johnny Trinh, CACV-JHSLM Resident Artist

Johnny crafts monthly blog posts about his experience delivering the Artist in Residence program, which you can find on the Community Arts Council of Vancouver website:

The Artist in Residence program offers free weekly drop in sessions to all community members at our Vancouver Community Service Office (VCSO). For more details about the program, or to participate, contact our VCSO

Phone: 604.872.5471 ext. 222
Walk in: 3360 Fraser Street
Vancouver, BC V5V 4C1