Innovative Housing Partnerships

Acknowledging that we are limited in the number of housing units that we can provide which are owned by the organization, we continued to build relationships and innovative partnerships with housing providers this year in order to further bridge the housing gap.

Using online platforms and housing forums to identify and begin developing relationships with potential housing providers, providing education and capacity building opportunities for landlords, and leveraging our outreach services to create layers of support for tenants with complex barriers and their landlords, are just some of the ways that we are finding creative solutions to preventing homelessness in our communities.

This past year, we had the opportunity to assist individuals at risk of homelessness to secure and maintain affordable long-term housing through a partnership with New Chelsea Society, an established non-profit housing provider in the Lower Mainland. Through this new partnership, we have long-term leases for three housing units, and offer residents outreach supports to increase their success living independently.

We are looking forward to continuing to work with the New Chelsea Society to identify further opportunities to increase long-term housing opportunities for people that we serve.

Hybrid Home Share Model

Our Home Share program is a residential option for adults under the care of Community Living BC (CLBC) where they share a home with someone who is contracted to provide ongoing, individualized support. The person-centered nature of the program allows individuals to select a home share provider and a home environment that meets their unique goals and preferences. Support is flexible and evolves as the goals and needs of the individual change.

This year we began delivering a new hybrid Home Share model which, in addition to being a residential option, provides extensive, integrated community inclusion support. This strong support system can enhance the ability of the persons served to achieve greater independence. Our new hybrid model also provides critical forms of support to the Home Share provider, which increases their satisfaction and capacity to engage in the program long-term.

Miller Block Supported Housing

This year, in response to gaps in housing opportunities and the recognized needs of the individuals we serve, we began to make some changes to our supportive living model at Miller Block to provide more around the clock care.

Through our Miller Block Community Living residential housing building, we provide support to residents who are supported by CLBC who may have complex needs, including active substance use or mental health which impacts their ability to live in more independently. Residents live their own self-contained units, and under our new supported housing staffing model have access to outreach staff who work in the building 16-18 hours per day.

Founded on housing first principles and utilizing a person-centered approach, Miller Block provides stable and supported housing for people experiencing, or at risk of experiencing homelessness. Under the new staffing model, residents have access to outreach staff 16-18 hours per day, who provide support with residential needs, life-skills, or other aspects of independent living. This increased accessibility for residents allows for more hands-on support and management of risk, while ensuring that we foster a safe, inclusive, and supportive community for all.