Since the launch of our newest Employee Recognition Program, the JHS High Five Awards, 235 High Fives have been shared across the organization. Barry is an outreach worker and long-standing staff members, having been on the JHS team since October 2000. He received a High Five from one of our Home Share managers, Alice Thuo, for his ongoing commitment to being person-centered, inclusive, and accountable in his role as a support worker.

“Barry supports an individual in the Home Share program that is really passionate about fishing. It’s been challenging to find a worker who shares his passion. While Barry isn’t particularly passionate about fishing, he understands the importance of meeting clients where they are at and supporting them to achieve their goals. Barry is able to engage with this individual on a consistent basis about things that matter to them. They have a great rapport, and the individual indicates that by far, Barry is the best Outreach Worker he has ever had”

Alice Theo, JHS Home Share Manager

Throughout his time as an Outreach Worker, Barry consistently goes above and beyond in order to make his clients feel appreciated and valued, and works hard to assist his clients to achieve their goals.